Céline Vidal

Volcanologist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Painter, Energetic Therapist

Céline has always been a seeker of Truth. First attracted by Arts, she is absorbed into drawing from her early years and takes painting classes from the age of 5. Middle kid of 5 children, she takes refuge into theatre when she is 9 and finds herself into acting. Also fascinated by science, she focused her search for answers to existential questions onto volcanology, a subject she has been passionate about since she was 7.

She holds a PhD in volcanology and is currently a researcher at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Céline first discovered yoga and meditation in 2011 at the School of Yoga and Meditation in Paris. The strict traditional practises - in the lineage of Swami Janakananda - were a revelation. At the beginning of her academic career, the practice of yoga and meditation became key to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and learn detachment. Since she started to meditate, she has experienced states of profound presence, which later led her to study non-duality (or Advaita Vedanta) with Suyin Lamour, Rupert Spira, and Francis Lucille. Naturally inclined to teach, she completed her yoga teacher training in 2019 with Yogacharya Saji, founder of the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation in Chinmaya Ashram in India, the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya, founder of the Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

Following glimpses into altered states of consciousness between 2011 and 2016, Céline developped an enhanced sensitivity to body energies. In 2017 she trained as a Reiki therapist I and II with Master Patrice Gros and completed her Reiki Master with Chrissy Gray in 2019. She incorporated the non-dual approach to her healing practice after training for non-dual energetic healing with her teacher Suyin Lamour.

Since 2017, meditatives explorations of the nature of existence triggered a desire to paint again... And suddenly a reconnection with an old passion happened. Céline paints experiences of deep meditative states, where the self dissolves into the light of Being.