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Céline Vidal

Volcanologist, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Visual artist, Energy therapist

Céline first discovered yoga and meditation in 2011 at the School of Yoga and Meditation in the strict lineage of Swami Janakananda. Naturally inclined to teach, she completed her Hatha yoga and meditation teacher training with Yogacharya Saji, founder of the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation at Chinmaya Ashram, India. She has been teaching Hatha yoga since 2016.

In 2016, she discovered non-duality spiritual philosophy (Advaita Vedanta), which explores the nature of reality through meditative self-inquiry. She first studied with Suyin Lamour, Rupert Spira, and Francis Lucille. But Céline's approach to yoga radically transformed when she met her teacher Eric Baret, a master of Kashmir Shaivism and former student of Jean Klein. In this non-dual tradition, postures (asanas) are explored to develop the art of listening of the tactile experience and discover resistances in the body and the mind that create the egoic identity, the separate self. When we relax our attention into the space where sensations, emotions and thoughts appear, we realise the true nature of being. The identification to a separate self vanishes into to the ocean of Consciousness. 

Céline trained in energy therapy with her first teacher Suyin Lamour and graduated as Reiki Master in 2019. 

She also paints experiences from meditative explorations and captures moments of reality.

When she is not on her mat, Céline works as a volcanologist and full-time lecturer of Geography at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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