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'When all women are again following the wisdom of their womb, Life will restore to balance'

Shira Starfire

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Women United As Medicine

Next circle date TBC

Full Moon Women circle, at Satyam Wellbeing Centre, Cambridge, in-person (2h)

Facilitated by Céline Vidal and Nicky Smith

The circle calls, the women gather.

Circles involve an opening ritual, meditation, sharing stories, singing, breathwork, dancing, etc. This coming together contributes to the healing of our lineage of women and restores the connection to the feminine force within us.

Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring if you wish a long scarf to wrap yourself in, pen and notebook, tissues, a talisman that connects you to the feminine energy to put on the altar, and any instrument/poem/song/car deck/etc that you might use during the circle. Feel free to bring anything to contribute!

We offer 4 payment tiers: Sponsor - £25; Standard - £20; Support - £16; Solidarity - £5

Email Satyam Centre to access these rates (

There is an innate intelligence within our bodies that has been silenced by the culture of separation from nature. Our wombs or womb body (the space alive in us whether we have or no longer have a womb) allows us access to emotional, spiritual and archetypal wisdom. When we restore, engage with and align to the inner voice of this oracle, balance is restored in our lives and the environment.

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