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'When all women are again following the wisdom of their womb,

Life will restore to balance'

Shira Starfire

There is an innate intelligence within our bodies that has been silenced by the culture of separation from nature. Our wombs or womb body (the space alive in us whether we have or no longer have a womb) allows us access to emotional, spiritual and archetypal wisdom. When we restore, engage with and align to the inner voice of this oracle, balance is restored in our lives and the environment.

Women United As Medicine Circle

Friday 22 March 7.30 pm


Some days we just don’t know what to do about war. It is all over. On our screens, in our homes, in the way we think about or talk to someone in traffic, to a neighbour, a colleague, a friend, a relative, a lover, a child. War is in the way we treat our surroundings and our bodies daily, as a compromise we have had to make in order to survive in our insane toxic culture. Are you too, sick of all the blood on your screens? Do you feel too, useless and purposeless during the ongoing genocide? Will you join me in a prayer circle?

The only blood that should be shed is the original blood. The blood that runs down our temple every moon. Honoring the blood is like a prayer, a reclamation of who we are in the flesh and where we come from. Before it became a dirty thing, we used to honour the blood. Giving it back to Earth, painting, and decorating our bodies with it. In honoring the blood through acknowledgement and celebration of its significance,  we heal the war within our very self. We process the grief of the life that hasn’t emerged out of us, the grief of all that has died, the grief of the original wound. The wound of separation from mother, from Earth, from the Nature we are as living beings.

Join us for a prayer circle in celebration of our original blood as a radical act for peace. We will connect to our womb and identify the disconnected part of ourselves in a guided interoception exercise. We will then honour our menstrual blood in a ritual by painting/drawing/writing with it. 

1h30 at Fitzwilliam College

This is an offering primarily for menstruators, but if you are no longer menstruating and wish to join, there will be red paint you can use.

Suggested donation: £12 to cover material expenses and donation to G4G – Giving 4 Gaza NGO.

Painting materials with be provided. No drawing or painting skills are required, Céline Marie will guide you through it.

Collect your menstrual blood ahead of the circle (see how below)


What to bring

  • Jar with your blood (see how to collect your blood below)

  • Journal/notebook for a guided interoception exercise and intention setting.

  • Comfortable clothes easy to move and sit on the floor with.

  • The image of a symbol that evokes peace/unity/connection to you.

  • A hot drink.

How to collect your blood
You will need a small jar. NB: one tsp of undiluted blood is enough quantity to paint a lot!

If you are menstruating on the day of the workshop you can keep it in the fridge until the workshop. Otherwise, after collecting your blood in a jar freeze it – take it out of the freezer on the morning of the workshop.

  • If you use a menstrual cup: pour your blood into a jar directly. The content of ½ cup will be plenty enough.

  • If you use washable pads/menstrual knickers: soak it in little cold water for 5 min to 1h. Take it out and squeeze it in your jar.

  • If you can feel the blood discharges coming during your period, collect them directly in your jar

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