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Yoga & Meditation

Spring 2024

Feel the lines,

Let the shape come undone

Sense the silence percolate

from the undivided experience.

Morning practice ONLINE

Tuesdays 7.15 - 8 am

26 March, 2 and 9 April

45 min online sessions. The online room opens at 7 am.

A recording will be sent to participants.

Yoga in the tantric tradition of Kashmir as taught by Eric Baret.

See description of the practice below.

Suggested donation £8 - payment details will be sent upon registration

Refrain from eating before the practice.

Evening Yoga & Meditation

Thursdays 7 - 8.30 pm

From 24 April to 6 June

1.5h - long sessions, in-person at Fitzwilliam College. Parking available on site.

Yoga in the tantric tradition of Kashmir as taught by Eric Baret.

See description of the practice below.

Please bring your mat and cushion. Blankets and eye pillows available.

No previous experience required. Avoid eating 3h before the class.

Standard £15 per class - concession £7

About the approach

In the non-dual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, yoga is practiced without goal or intention to improve one's life. The sole purpose of the exploration is the art of listening, by developing the ability to be aware of and welcome one's experience. In this approach, classic postures (mahasana) are explored in a meditative, gentle way for several minutes in order to feel the resistances arising in the experience (tensions, thoughts, emotions). The attention is focused on the tactile experience and the breathing sensations during and after the postures. Every sensation is perceived in the present moment, without referring to a past or a future. Breathing exercises (pranayama) are practiced after the postures to free the body-mind from memories, as a way to integrate and celebrate the experience in the unified silence (mouna). Free from identification with a self and a body, we can taste the essence of the nature of all experiences (Atman), pure consciousness.

No previous experience but curiosity is required.
Please refrain from eating solid food 3h prior to the class. This practice relies on the availability to one's sensitivity, which is hindered by digestion.

One-to-one sessions tailored to specific needs (injury, trauma, health) can involve the therapeutic approach of Hatha Yoga.
Online or at Fitzwilliam College (Cambridge).
£60 per hour - concession available.

Please enquire HERE for details.

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