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With assisted presence and intuitive gentle touch, tensions (pain, emotions) crystallised in the body can emerge to the surface and flow, bringing back homeostasis in the system. This modality is a guided meditative process common to many ancient traditions (Reiki, Chinese Medicine, etc) that restores the ecology of the body. For further information about my credentials and testimonials, see here. 

Ease or healing isn't guaranteed, and there may be a worsening of some conditions before improvement occurs. It is best to consider having three sessions (1-1.5h each). The first session starts with an assessment of emotional and physical health and personal history.

Effects vary from person to person and from one session to another. People have experienced deep relaxation, emotional or physical pain relief, and deep meditative states. Old ailments that are deeply rooted in the system might require regular sessions.

In-person session at Fitzwilliam college (Cambridge), 1.5 hrs.

Donations only

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