Art Show

Michaelhouse Centre, Cambridge
21 June to 17 July 2021


Céline Vidal

Yoga, Meditation & Energetic Healing
from a non-dual perspective


'Yoga is the science and art of self-liberation through self-understanding.'

Nisargadatta Maharaj


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Reconnecting with your true nature

When we relax our attention into the space where perceptions, emotions and thoughts appear, we realise the true nature of being.
The identification to a separate self vanishes into to the ocean of Consciousness.
This is where healing happens.
Yoga is about returning home in the essence of what we are.


Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Céline teaches yoga and meditation inspired by the tradition of Swami Janakananda. This tradition focuses on the discipline of body and mind through physical and breathing exercises (Hatha Yoga) in order to prepare for meditation (Raja yoga). Classes consist of:

  • Loosening exercises and postures (asanas): stretch muscles, massage and invigorate internal organs and stimulate glands. Postures are done in a calm and meditative way and combined with the breath.

  • Breathing exercises (pranayamas): enhance the benefits of postures and balance the nervous and the immune systems. When practised regularly they can dissolve emotional blocks and relieve mental tension, stress, and depression.

  • Yoga nidra – deep relaxation: a modern relaxation technique based on visualizations, and meditations from the yoga tradition. It allows for deep rest and improves the quality of sleep.

  • Meditation: releases the tight grip of thoughts, emotions, ideas, and convictions. It gives power, mental stamina and creativity, helping to pursue aspirations and unfold outwards.

One-to-one sessions tailored to specific needs (injury, trauma, health) can be planned online or at Satyam Wellbeing Centre (Cambridge). Please enquire HERE for details.

Non-dual Meditation

Non-dual meditations use the contemplation of the current experience (perceptions, emotions and thoughts) to access subtle states of awareness where the true nature of the experience is explored. These self-inquiry explorations are guided in the lineage of Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille. This approach, also known as the direct path, originates in Kashmiri Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta philosophy. Identifying the essential nature of experience allows the reconciliation of the subject with the object of experience into one infinite consciousness.


Energetic Healing

Céline combines the non-dual understanding with Reiki to guide you through an awakened healing journey. She uses an intuitive palm touching technique to help your body reconnect with the natural energetic flow. During the session, you are invited to be aware of your sensations, feelings and thoughts. Effects vary from person to person and from one session to another. People have experienced deep relaxation, emotional or physical pain relief, and deep meditative states.

Sessions take place at your home, at Satyam Wellbeing Centre (Cambridge), or remotely. Sessions last 1.5 hrs.

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'All genuine learning comes through experience' - John Dewey
My deepest gratitude to all those who trusted me and gave me an opportunity to learn and grow


Over the last half-year my breathing capacity and flexibility have improved substantially. I've been involved in yoga before but I've never achieved the results I've achieved in Céline's class. She is precise, totally present, clear, and when she has given instructions they have been Jedi-level spot on. I've never had a yoga experience nearly as beneficial as the one I've had this year at Satyam. Results speak volumes.

Mark Lesseraux, NYC - January 2021