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Céline Marie Vidal

Yoga & Meditation, Art, Menstruality

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Annika, UK

I have attended many of Céline Marie's classes. They are clear and thoughtfully guided by Céline Marie's healing instructions. I have benefitted enormously from these magical and supportive practices. For several years i have been trying proactively to deal with PTSD and anxiety. Céline Marie's classes have guided me, "Back to the breath" and a deep sense of inner calm. I am so thankful to Céline Marie and I highly recommend her classes.

Chris, UK

I don't know what goes on in those yoga sessions but afterwards it's like I've been shot with one of those tranquilliser darts they use to catch rhinos. Everything is so slow and peaceful. It's really amazing

Dominic, UK

Céline has a profound understanding of Hatha Yoga and its connection to the energy and vibrations that encompass us all. I have practiced yoga for over twenty years and have never experienced a teacher who communicates on such a deep level, teaches with such skill and precision, and disseminates such an overall feeling of goodness and wellbeing. I'm grateful to have encountered her.

Samantha, UK

I began attending Céline's classes in May 2020 and have been having private lessons with her since May 2022. I have a number of health issues I am working with and Céline always ensures she offers adaptations where needed. Céline is an excellent teacher who is able to guide me into deep states of focus and relaxation. I find Céline’s approach to be incredibly practical and grounded while also being deeply spiritual. You can tell she is highly trained in yoga and energetic disciplines. Céline is friendly and welcoming as well as being skilled and passionate. I wholeheartedly recommend her classes and private lessons.

Tom, UK

I first started attending Céline's classes earlier this year, in Early Spring 2022. Before that, I had recently taken up Yoga, as part of a recovery strategy from a nerve condition, which left me unable to do the most basic of things, such as tie my own shoe laces, wash the dishes - you get the idea! Céline made yoga accessible to me, and it has formed a key part of my recovery, alongside diet, stress management and work/life balance. As someone who had no real prior experience on yoga, or meditation, I was highly sceptical, and nervous in equal measures. However Céline mad me feel comfortable exploring the boundaries of my body, and also patiently and gently taught me ways of relaxing my nervous system and 'letting go'. The meditation-based approach to a portion of each class was perfect, and a really good mixture with the more posture-led sections. The classes gave a really great breadth of different yogic techniques, so you can try multiple different methods for yourself. I am extremely grateful to Céline for her help and teachings, and I am now able to do anything that I wish to in life.

Janet, 70, UK

I have been a student in Celine's yoga classes for several years and have also done a one to one energetic healing. I have found the hatha yoga and mindfullness classes a complete joy and spiritually uplifting. Celine is a very talented teacher and a gifted yoga teacher. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I feel so grateful to have had this privilege to be able to join in these classes and I'm sure many other students will feel the same way. Thank you Celine.

Mark, 53, NYC

Over the last half-year my breathing capacity and flexibility have improved substantially. I've been involved in yoga before but I've never achieved the results I've achieved in Céline's class. She is precise, totally present, clear, and when she has given instructions they have been Jedi-level spot on. I've never had a yoga experience nearly as beneficial as the one I've had this year at Satyam. Results speak volumes.

Janet, 68, UK

I have enjoyed Celine's classes for more than a year - Hatha Yoga and meditation. I love the way Celine teaches, the classes are amazing, so beautiful and powerful.

Sally, UK

I have been blessed to come across Céline's yoga classes. I love her gentle yet thorough approach which taught me to really connect so much more with the practice than ever before. If you have an opportunity to experience her abilities in Reiki too I would highly recommend. Her intuition is strong, I felt totally at ease. She has an incredible ability to just know exactly what you need, right then and there!

Yasmiena, 65, UK

I have been attending Céline's classes for more than a year. I love her classes because they incorporate the three elements of breathing, postures and meditation. Céline is an encouraging, kind and loving teacher and brings all of those qualities to the classes

Mark, Netherlands

I followed several classes with Celine and I was positively surprised about the good pace, original positions and clear instructions. I can really recommend her classes!

Katrina, UK

Celine introduced me to yoga by way of our university departmental wellbeing initiative where she, in her typical generous style, has taught us free of charge bringing peace and tranquillity as well as stretches and flexibility to a differing range of members of the department, some experienced, and some like me, new to yoga. I can honestly say Celine’s sensitive and assured approach is balanced perfectly to stretch the body and ease the mind. I have benefitted greatly from the classes and would recommend her teaching to anyone interested at whatever level.

Marien, UK

I’ve attended numerous yoga classes with Celine, and I adore her and her teaching. She is clear and supportive, but also firm in her style – just what I need! I instantly found the benefits of attending Celine’s classes as I felt stronger, more focused and relaxed at the end of our sessions. I feel no hesitation in recommending her work to anyone who is interested in yoga or meditation.”

Mark, 51, NYC

Recently, I attended a week of Céline Vidal's yoga (with meditation) classes in Wales, UK. This week was one of the very best experiences I've had in a yoga class. Céline was not only a knowledgeable and competent instructor, her intuitiveness and attentiveness to the specific needs of the particular individuals in the class (who were of varying experiential levels) was quite remarkable. I (very) highly recommend her as an instructor.

Annaick, Belgium

I am a massage therapist who cares a lot about health since I discovered I have LUPUS. My body is in constant pain. Four months ago I met Céline on a retreat. She cared a lot about my condition and offered some yoga. It was a huge gift. My body became less painful. And I could bear it longer. I asked Céline to do online yoga to help me out for a longer period. Thank God she has this lovely heart. And starts to offer online yoga. If you want to feel better, then start to do Céline's yoga.

Becca, 44, UK

Céline has an immensely big-hearted approach to her healing practice. I have been very fortunate to receive several healing sessions from Céline and they have always been profound experiences where I have felt so much lighter and supported after each treatment. Céline is a deeply intuitive healer and works with a great deal of integrity and love. I feel very lucky to have Céline in my life x

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